The coastline of the Cape Pillar Circuit is colossal in scale, highlighting some of the highest sea cliffs in the country standing at 300m above sealevel. The 41km loop from Fortescue Bay presents walkers with remarkable and unrivalled views including Cape Hauy, Monument Lookout, Tasman Island and of course, Cape Pillar. With the 480m climb over Mount Fortescue included, this hike isn’t the easiest. Reward far surpasses the effort however, making the Cape Pillar Circuit a filling 3 day adventure.In the later sections of the walk the Cape Pillar Circuit follows the newly established Three Capes Track. This walk must be done in a anti-clockwise direction to help limit the spread of Phytopthora Cinnamomi (root rot). Camping is only available at Wughalee Falls.

Trail Details