Each trail hosted on TasTrails uses the same guide to classify walk difficulty, time requirements, distance, fees and other allowances.

Walk Grading

Easiest: This trail is mostly flat with minimal or no undulating sections. The track is well formed, easily followed and suitable for all walkers.
Easy: This trail is suitable for all walkers and may include gentle climbs.  The track is prominent and safely followed.
Medium: This trail is suitable for most walkers and includes some steep sections. The track may cross different terrain types and include some obstructions .
Hard: This trail is suitable for experienced walkers and includes multiple steep sections.  This track crosses multiple terrain types and may rely on cairns or markers. Obstructions are expected.
Very Hard: This trail is only suitable for experienced walkers and includes long steep and difficult sections. This track may rely on cairns or markers and have limited track visibility.

Walk Time Required

Time reuired is represented by M – Minutes, H – Hours or D – Days

Walk Distance

All walk distances are represented by Kilometers.

National Park Entrance Fees

All Tasmanian National Parks require a National Parks Pass to enter. These can be collected from Parks and Wildlife Services.


All Tasmanian National Park and and nature reserves do not allow pets or open fires.