Category: National Park

  • Frenchmans Cap

    Frenchmans Cap, viewed from Barron Pass

    Frenchmans Cap, South-West Tasmania
    Walk Grade: Hard | Time: 3 – 5 Days
    Distance: 46km | Parks Pass Needed

  • Walls of Jerusalem

    King Solomon's Throne from Mount Jerusalem

    Walls of Jerusalem, Walls of Jerusalem National Park
    Walk Grade: Medium | Time: 2 Days
    Distance: 30km | Parks Pass Needed

  • Mount Field East

    Lake Nichols, Mount Field East

    Mount Field East, Mount Field
    Walk Grade: Medium | Time: 5 Hours
    Distance: 9km | Parks Pass Needed

  • South Coast Track

    Surprise Bay, South Coast Track

    South Coast Track, Southwest National Park
    Walk Grade: Hard | Time: 7 Days
    Distance: 85km | Parks Pass Required

  • Bivouac Bay

    Bivouac Bay

    Bivouac Bay, Tasman Peninsula
    Walk Grade: Easy | Time: 4 Hours
    Distance: 10km | Parks Pass Needed

  • Fluted Cape

    The Fluted Capes, South Bruny Island

    The Fluted Cape, South Bruny Island
    Walk Grade: Medium | Time: 3 Hours
    Distance: 6km | Parks Pass Not Needed

  • Mystery Creek Cave

    Mystery Creek Cave Entrance

    Mystery Creek Cave, Southwest National Park
    Walk Grade: Easy | Time: 2 Hours
    Distance: 4km | Parks Pass Not Needed

  • Platypus Bay

    Platypus Bay

    Platypus Bay, Lake St Clair National Park
    Walk Grade: Easy | Time: 90 Minutes
    Distance: 5km | Parks Pass Needed

  • Watersmeet Nature Trail

    Watersmeet, Lake St Clair

    Watersmeet Nature Trail, Lake St Clair National Park
    Walk Grade: Very Easy | Time: 45 Minutes
    Distance: 3km | Parks Pass Needed