Starting from the Commissariat Store at the Darlington ferry area, the Fossil Cliffs trail heads north past the cement works and silo ruins. After a gentle climb, the Convict Barn is met. Filled with early farming artefacts, the barn is worthy of a brief inspection. Continuing on across the coastal plains, the free settlers’ cemetery and airfield are passed before reaching Fossil Cliffs 2km away. This coastal section of track is often frequented by gangs of forester kangaroos and wombats.

A short steep track leads down to the Fossil Cliffs. Made up of thousands of shellfish fossils embedded in limestone, the Cliffs are one of the best examples of life 250 million years ago found anywhere. From the lower plateau of the cliffs, Bishop and Clerk are clearly seen to the east.

When returning to Darlington, continue over the hill above the Fossil Cliffs and take the right hand track past a series of convict settlement ruins and the original convict quarry.

Trail Details