Located 30km inland from St Helens, the Blue Tier Forest Reserve is an exposed plateau area rich in early 1900’s mining history and walking tracks.  Reaching the summit of Mt Poimena (816m), the 3.4km Moon Valley Rim circuit provides an excellent opportunity to experience the areas unique landscape, history and views.

Leaving from the Poimena day use area, the Moon Valley Rim trail leads directly to the summit of Mt Poimena via a gently graded track. Traversing through open tea tree and beech groves, guide posts make following the track easily managed. The summit is reached 20 minutes in and offers panoramic views of the Blue Tiers area and further to the northeastern coast. From the summit the trail continues through scattered boulders and descends along the edge of Moon Valley to the historic Gough Battery tin mine.  After exploring battery and adjacent sites the trail follows Sun Flats Road back to the trailhead and picnic area.

Boronia Beach is an intimate beach hidden on the Kingborough coastline between Kingston and Blackmans Bay.  Nestled between rugged cliffs and tall pines the beach is a great spot for a summer’s swin or snorkle. Though it can be accessed by a shorter route via the lower section of Jindabyne Road, the longer walk offers lovely views of the Derwent River and South Arm.Leaving from the southern end of Kingston Beach, the track hugs the coastal headland for entire 2km return walk, ducking in and out of blue gum and sheoak bushland.  The walk is primarily flat apart from a final series of steps heading down onto the beach.

Trail Details