Located on the eastern outskirts of the Southwest National Park, near the Ida Bay Railway, the Mystery Creek Caves track is a unique walking experience combining railroad and mining history with accessible and stimulating caving experiences. Originally constructed as a tramway to facilitate a limestone quarry, the trail is mostly flat and easily managed by walkers of all levels.

The trail begins at the information shelter adjacent to the carpark and follows the muddy tramway track through spectacular dense forest for the first 1km. Keep an eye out of the many mining and rail relics that litter the edges of the trail as you meander your way through the forest.

The quarry is soon reached and the trail continues along the lefthand side of the quarry face. From here the track gently descends through the forest to the entrance of Mystery Creek Cave.  For those wishing to explore the cave, the initial cavern is quite safe to explore and offers opportunities to spot glow-worms and rock formations. It is however not recommended that hikers continue deeper without adequate experience and equipment as flash floods have occurred in the past.

Trail Details