Plunging from a substantial height of around 100m, Pelverata Falls is an impressive waterfall located in the Snug Tiers Nature Reserve. Accessed via a 6km return track the walk to falls takes only 2 hours, although additional time is recommended to experience the area. The falls are particularly impressive after sustained rain.Leaving the carpark the Pelverata Falls track initially hugs the perimeter of farming properties before breaking off into dense eucalyptus forest. For the next kilometre the trail gently undulates, passing through a section of rainforest. After rain the track here can become quite muddy and careful footing is required.

After the rainforest section the track climbs along a large rock spree before steeply and briefly descending towards the Pelverata Falls lookout platform. To the right on the distant hill Slippery Falls is spotted. At the end of the track the lookout platform provides the most remarkable views of Pelverata Falls and the creek below. Return to the carpark via the same track.

More experienced hikers will spot the rough trail below the lookout leading to the creek. This track is rated as difficult and we do not recommend inexperienced walkers or children venture beyond the lookout, especially if wet as the rocks are extremely slippery. Walking beyond is done at your own risk.

Trail Details