Hobart Rivulet Tunnel


The Hobart Rivulet was once the main source of drinking water during Hobart’s settlement, in more recent years however, it has become an incredible gallery filled with colourful and engaging graffiti.

It’s dark and lonely down there and can be quiet an eerie adventure your first time. The walk itself is easy enough, being flat and only about 2km return. Navigation requires careful consideration in some parts, however, and you will have to watch your head if you go exploring any detours.

Bring a torch.

Getting There

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The easiest and safest entrance to the Hobart Rivulet is next to the Royal Hobart Hospital on Collins Street (directly across from the Market Street turnoff) in Hobart.

The Trail

The trail begins with a jump over the small wall that runs alongside Collins Street, after which the walk is pretty straight forward. You head towards the darkness and then keep going as the light starts to fade away from around you.

There is some lighting in the Rivulet tunnel, though it seems to be rarely on, so make sure you bring a torch (the tunnel is best experienced in the dark anyhow). There is an absolute wealth of graffiti provided by local youths on offer which begs to be viewed by torchlight.

After a few lefts and rights, you come to the section directly below the beginning of the Elizabeth Street Mall. From here you continue underneath the city, hovering somewhere between Liverpool Street and Collins Street, occasionally breaking out into sections of daylight. The Hobart Rivulet walks ends just before Harrington Street where a body of water hinders further access. The walk itself only takes an hour, but allow additional time for exploring the tunnels.

*you can also walk the lower section towards the Derwent River by following the Rivulet towards Campbell Street. The first part is a bit of a squeeze with not much head high for about 100 meters, before opening up into a large brick gallery.

Hazards and Warnings

There are a number of slippery surfaces within the rivulet, and proper footwear is advised. There may also be a larger influx of water after heavy rain, so please be aware of the risks before you walk.

It is also dark, so bring a torch!


Hobart Rivulet, under Elizabeth Street Mall

Hobart Rivulet, Elizabeth Street side tunnel