Tasmania boasts a unique range of bushwalking experiences, from mountainous peaks to stunning pristine beaches. Whatever the walking experience you’re after, chances are you can find it in Tasmania.

This website contains detailed information on a growing number of Tasmania’s best bushwalks. The trails can be sorted by location, walk grade, distance and time via the trails link, or found in on the map provided. The most recently added walks are displayed below. All of the walks listed have been personally walked and photographed.

Tastrails currently has 103 trails listed:

Recent Additions

  • Brown’s Caves, Chauncy Vale

    Secret Cave,  Chancy  Vale

    Brown’s Cave, Chauncy Vale, Bagdad
    Walk Grade: Easy | Time: 2 Hours
    Distance: 6km | Entry Donation Required

  • Bivouac Bay

    Bivouac Bay

    Bivouac Bay, Tasman Peninsula
    Walk Grade: Easy | Time: 4 Hours
    Distance: 10km | Parks Pass Needed

  • Pelverata Falls

    Pelverata Falls

    Pelverata Falls, Kingborough
    Walk Grade: Easy | Time: 2 hours
    Distance: 6km | Parks Pass Not Needed

  • Fluted Cape

    The Fluted Capes, South Bruny Island

    The Fluted Cape, South Bruny Island
    Walk Grade: Medium | Time: 3 Hours
    Distance: 6km | Parks Pass Not Needed

  • Mystery Creek Cave

    Mystery Creek Cave Entrance

    Mystery Creek Cave, Southwest National Park
    Walk Grade: Easy | Time: 2 Hours
    Distance: 4km | Parks Pass Not Needed

  • Collins Cap

    View towards Collinsvale, Collins Cap

    Collins Cap, Wellington Park
    Walk Grade: Medium | Time: 4 Hours
    Distance: 5km | Parks Pass Not Needed

  • Platypus Bay

    Platypus Bay

    Platypus Bay, Lake St Clair National Park
    Walk Grade: Easy | Time: 90 Minutes
    Distance: 5km | Parks Pass Needed

  • Watersmeet Nature Trail

    Watersmeet, Lake St Clair

    Watersmeet Nature Trail, Lake St Clair National Park
    Walk Grade: Very Easy | Time: 45 Minutes
    Distance: 3km | Parks Pass Needed

  • Liffey Falls

    Liffey Falls

    Liffey Falls, Great Western Tiers
    Walk Grade: Easy | Time: 3 Hours
    Distance: 8km | Parks Pass Not Needed