View of Pieman River from Mount Donaldson


Located 10 minutes north of Corinna, the Mount Donaldson walk offers sweeping panoramas of the Tarkine, the Pieman River and out to the Southern Ocean. Beginning from the Savage River bridge, this medium difficulty walk climbs through the rainforest before reaching the exposed buttongrass moorland mountain summit at 420m.

Getting There

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This route includes a ferry Trip.
From Queenstown (3 hours north-west of Hobart) head 86km north on A10 to Zeehan. Once in Zeehan continue through the town on Main Street/Heemskirk Road. 38km past Zeehan, take the left turn onto Corinna Road. Follow this road for 12km before reaching the Fat Man Barge to Corinna. Barge Access is available between 9 am – 7 pm, more information can be found here.

Once over the Pieman River, continue north on Corinna Road for 3km before turning left onto Norfolk Road for a short distance. The Mount Donaldson Walk begins opposite the carpark adjacent to the Savage River Bridge.

The Trail

The Mount Donaldson trail begins opposite the small Savage River Bridge carpark. From the moment the trail enters the thick forest, you are welcomed with a lush patchwork of stunning moss-covered rainforest trees and ferns. For the next few kilometres, the trail gradually climbs, weaving its way through the beautiful forest. Keep an eye out for freshwater crayfish and their burrows as the trail ascends.

After 45 minutes of climbing, the trail opens onto rugged buttongrass moorland and the Pieman River comes into view. For the next hour, the trail zigzags across the exposed section of the mountain. Loose rocks and narrow foot placements can make walking difficult. In poor weather, hiking this section is more challenging due to high winds. Eventually, after a number of false summits, a trig point marks the top of the mountain at 420m.

Once at the top all-encompassing views of the Tarkine wilderness area, the Pieman River and the Southern Ocean are presented. The trail returns to the carpark via the same route.

Trail Map

Map for illustrative purposes only. Base map supplied by Land Information System Tasmania.


Mount Donaldson Track

Savage River, below Mount Donaldson

Mount Donaldson Track