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Southern Tasmania

Southern Tasmania

All walks located within Southern Tasmanian Region. Hobart is used as the base location for driving directions on all walks.
National Parks included in this area; Southwest National Park, South Bruny National Park and Mount Field ational Park

Trail NameWalk GradeTimeDistanceLocationRad
Shag Bay Heritage WalkaVery Easya1 Hour3kmHobart
Hobart RivuletaVery Easya1 Hour2kmHobart
Russell Falls and Horse Shoe FallsbEasya2 Hours3kmMount Field & Surrounding
Hartz PeakbEasya4 Hours8kmHuon Valley & Surrounding
Lake EsperanceaVery Easya1.5 Hours3kmHuon Valley & Surroundinga
Marriott's FallsbEasya3 Hours5kmMount Field & Surrounding
Mount ElizadHarda6 Hoursa11kmSouthwestern Tasmaniaa
Creepy Crawly Nature TrailbEasy30 Minutes1kmSouthwestern Tasmania
Lady Barron FallsbEasya2 Hours6kmMount Field & Surroundinga
Snug FallsbEasya1 Hour2kmHuon Valley & Surroundinga
Labillardiere Peninsula CircuitbEasya6 Hoursa15kmBruny Island
Waterworks Reserve CircuityaVery Easy45 Minutes2kmWaterworks Reserve
Duckhole LakebEasya1 Hour2kmHuon Valley & Surrounding
New Town FallsbEasy90 Minutes3kmWellington Park
Smiths MonumentcMediuma2 Hours4kmWellington Park
Arve Falls
aVery Easy30 Minutes1kmHuon Valley & Surrounding
The Octopus TreebEasy30 Minutes1kmWellington Park
Sphinx RockbEasya1 Hour3kmWellington Park
Cathedral RockcMediuma4 Hours9kmWellington Park
Old Hobartian TrackdHarda6 Hours7kmWellington Parka
Wellington FallsbEasya5 Hoursa16kmWellington Park
Gentle Annie Falls CircuitbEasy30 Minutes1kmWaterworks Reserve
Boronia BeachaVery Easya1 Hour2kmKingborough
Silver FallsaVery Easy45 Minutes2kmWellington Park
Truganini TrackcMedium90 Minutes4kmSandy Bay & Surroundinga
Nierinna Creek TrackbEasya2 Hours6kmKingborough
Katooa Tramway TrackbEasya4 Hoursa16kmKingborough
South Cape BaycMediuma5 Hoursa16kmCockle Creeka
Hunters Track LoopbEasya3 Hours7kmWellington Park
Lake RhonadHardb2 Daysa28kmSouthwestern Tasmaniaa
Organ Pipes CircuitbEasya4 Hours9kmWellington Park
The NeedlescMediuma2 Hours3kmSouthwestern Tasmaniaa
Cape Queen ElizabethbEasya4 Hoursa12kmBruny Island
Collins Cap
cMediuma4 Hours5kmWellington Park
Mystery Creek Cave
bEasya3 Hours6kmSouthwestern Tasmania
Fluted Cape
cMediuma3 Hours6kmBruny Islanda
Pelverata Falls
bEasya2 Hours6kmHuon Valley & Surrounding
Bivouac Bay
bEasya4 Hoursa10kmTasman Peninsula
Brown’s Caves, Chauncy Vale
bEasya2 Hours6kmBagdada
Mount Misery
cMediuma3 Hours5kmHuon Valley & Surrounding
South Coast Track
DHardb7 Daysa85kmSouthwestern Tasmaniaa
Mount Field East
CMediuma5 Hours9kmMount Field & Surroundinga
Mount Direction
CMediuma3 Hours7kmClarence
Cascade Walking Track
bEasya2 Hours5kmWellington Park
Fishers Point
bEasya2 Hours4kmSouthwestern Tasmania
Lost World
cMedium45 Minutes2.5kmWellington Parka
Ice House Loop
cMediuma4 Hours9kmWellington Parka
Mount Nelson Signal Station
bEasya2 Hours5kmMount Nelson
Ida Bay to Southport Lagoon
cMediuma6 Hours20kmIda Bay
Mount Dromedary
cMediuma4 Hours15kmDromedary
Arm End Circuit
bEasya2 Hours6kmSouth Arm
Billy Brown Falls
bEasya1 Hour2kmJudbury
Tinderbox Hills Track
aVery Easya1 Hour3kmTinderbox
Knocklofty Summit
bEasya1.5 Hour4kmWest Hobart


Eastern Tasmania

Eastern Tasmania

All walks located within the Eastern Tasmanian Region. Driving Directions are from either Hobart or St Helens.
National Parks included in this area; Tasman National Park, Maria Island National Park, Freycinet National Park, Douglas-Apsley National Park, Ben Lomond National Park and Mt Williams National Park.

Trail NameWalk GradeTimeDistanceLocationRad
Mount AmosdHarda3 Hours4kmFreycineta
Three Thumbs TrackcMediuma2 Hours4kmOrford
Freycinet Circuit
cMediumb3 Daysa31kmFreycineta
Cobler Rocks WalkbEasya2 Hours6kmNortheastern Tasmaniaa
Mount Williams SummitbEasya5 Hoursa11kmNortheastern Tasmania
Shipstern BluffcMediuma4 Hours8kmTasman Peninsulaa
Arthurs PeakdHarda5 Hours8kmTasman Peninsula
Cape RaoulcMediuma5 Hoursa14kmTasman Peninsula
Cape HauycMediuma4 Hours8kmTasman Peninsula
Cape PillarcMediumb2 Daysa30kmTasman Peninsulaa
Cape Pillar CircuitdHardb3 Daysa41kmTasman Peninsulaa
Clarks CliffscMediuma4 Hours8kmTasman Peninsula
Crescent Bay and Mount BrowncMediuma4 Hours9kmTasman Peninsula
Waterfall Bay to Fortescue BaycMediuma7 Hoursa17kmTasman Peninsulaa
Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach CircuitbEasya5 Hoursa12kmFreycineta
Wineglass BaybEasya2 Hours5kmFreycinet
Old Convict RoadaVery Easya1 Hour2kmOrford
Convict Coal Mine Circuit
bEasya2 Hours3kmTasman Peninsulaa
Waterfall Bay
aVery Easya1 Hour3kmTasman Peninsula
Goblin Forest Walk
aVery Easy30 Minutes0.5km Blue Tiers
Moon Valley Rim
cMediuma2 Hour3km Blue Tiers
Apsley River Gorge
DHarda4 Hour8kmDouglas Apsleya
Point Lesueur
bEasya2 Hour3.5kmMaria Island
Painted Cliffs
bEasya2 Hour4kmMaria Island
Fossil Cliifs
bEasya2 Hour4kmMaria Island
Bishop and Clerk
cMediuma5 Hour12kmMaria Islanda
Western Tasmania

Western Tasmania

All walks located within Western Tasmanian Region. Hobart is used as the base location for driving directions on all walks unless otherwise stated.
National Parks included in this area; Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.

Trail NameWalk GradeTimeDistanceLocationRad
Frenchmans CapdHardb4 Daysa46kmSouthwestern Tasmaniaa
Montezuma FallsaVery Easya3 Hours8kmWestern Tasmaniaa
Nelson FallsaVery Easy30 Minutes1kmWestern Tasmania
Donaghys LookoutbEasy45 Minutes2kmWestern Tasmaniaa
Franklin River Nature TrailaVery Easy30 Minutes1kmWestern Tasmania
Central Tasmania

Central Tasmania

All walks located within Central Tasmanian Region. Hobart or Launceston are used as the base location for driving directions on all walks unless otherwise stated.
National Parks included in this area; Walls of Jerusalem, Mole Creek, Cradle Mountain & Lake St Clair.

Trail NameWalk GradeTimeDistanceLocationRad
Shadow Lake CircuitbEasya4 Hoursa12kmLake St Claira
Quamby Bluff
cMediuma4 Hours6kmGreat Western Tiersa
Alum Cliffs
bEasy45 Minutes2kmMole Creek Area
Platypus Bay
bEasy90 Minutes3kmLake St Clair
Watersmeet Nature Trail
bEasy45 Minutes3kmLake St Clair
Liffey Falls
bEasya3 Hours8kmGreat Western Tiers a